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Christmas in a Pandemic....

It’s hard to believe Christmas 2020 is upon us already, the year that got cancelled.

It’s been a seriously tough year, we did the zoom quizzes, we baked all the banana bread and walked the roads within our 2k but did any of us really think how long more this could go on, and how much more we could really take.

Christmas is approaching and I thought I’d do a blog post, something to distract from the above mentioned pandemic.

Christmas dinner numbers might be smaller this year and Christmas office parties might just be cancelled, so I am going to give some advise on how to decorate your table this festive season, sometimes it’s the small things that can bring us joy, a table décor to be proud of, a distraction to say the least.

Let’s get into it;

I love a rustic table setting, I love to leave a wood table on show and dress her up, a table runner is perfect if you have a pretty table, if you don’t love your table, a table cloth is your first step, I’d suggest a white table cloth, Next the runner ( not your neighbour who pounds the roads) a table runner, my favourite is the hessian runner, you can buy rolls of this on Amazon super cheap and reuse as often as possible.

Don’t be scared to play around with colour this year as you’ll see above I opted for some pastel pink & green this year.

A garland will set off your table runner, if you can get a fresh one made from eucalyptus, pine or holy that would be beautiful, but if you can’t source one or you have more than one Christmas gathering I’d suggest picking up a Faux eucalyptus, you can get these on Amazon or party city Ireland, this will last you years, Once we are on the green foliage topic, rosemary is Christmas to me, the smell of it just sends a rush of special Christmas memories to me, you can buy fresh pieces in the supermarket or you can go to the garden centre and get a plant, it’s so versatile, pop it in your water bottle for decoration, tastes great in gin, on roast potatoes and acts as a beautiful decoration on napkins.

I love the classic crystal glassware, all made in Ireland and always adding a bit of sophistication to your table, I opted for the champagne saucer and the water tumbler.

Falcon enamel always wins as crockery for me, no breakages this Christmas, that blue rim is just iconic. Cutlery for special occasions I love the gold or rose gold, it just adds a pop of class in my opinion.

If you are hosting more than once this Christmas remember to keep all the staples and swap out the napkin & candle colours, it’ll look like a whole new setting again. All my candles are from sostrene, Pink napkins are from Amazon.

Another way to introduce colour is through your flowers, I personally love a white or red rose at Christmas. A little tip get 2 small vases or jam jars buy a bunch of flowers, separate them and make 2 bunches.

I’ve added some gold glittery reindeer for some sparkle, Christmas needs a little extra sparkle this year.

Don’t be scared to play around with your table décor this year, have fun with it and be sure to take some snaps & tag us over on Instagram, we are always looking for inspiration.

Have a blessed Christmas and let’s all hope for healthy & prosperous 2021

Le Grá x

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